"We have to trust in what Gareth's doing" | Redknapp on England's win over Germany & Ukraine match

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Jamie Redknapp spoke the morning after England's historic win over Germany at Euro 2020. Giving his thoughts on the game, Gareth Southgate's decisions and players that impressed.

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  • Italy 🇮🇹 2-1 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧 I'm gutted. As I'm UK born & bread. Just the Italians R 2 classy

    Sandeep AthwalSandeep Athwal23 dager siden
    • Hope I'm wrong.!! Really do!!!

      Sandeep AthwalSandeep Athwal23 dager siden
  • And then Jamie remembers Higuitas scorpion 🦂 kick. The shot and the save that made both of them part of football history forever

    gift4636gift463626 dager siden
  • Come to BIGO and watch game live with beautiful hosts!

  • 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

    Marie JoMarie Jo29 dager siden

    the yesthe yesMåned siden
  • So many empty words like trust or get behind the team lol

    Olbap RabocseOlbap RabocseMåned siden
  • Forza Italia🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    Racck12Racck12Måned siden
  • just play grealish.. is that simple.

    Mi KeyMi KeyMåned siden
  • Why Southgate wudnt play one the top Bundesliga players i.e. Bellingham against Germany is a beyond comprehension

    Stephen BlakelyStephen BlakelyMåned siden
  • I wish the phrase "football's coming home" could be deleted from our collective memory.

    Dobbs MillDobbs MillMåned siden
  • God her voice is annoying

    Tyler JacquesTyler JacquesMåned siden
  • Why do we have to trust in it?

    Dank EnlightenmentDank EnlightenmentMåned siden
  • It's not coming home!!! Don't jinx it!!

    Gerald MirakelGerald MirakelMåned siden
  • The 'I'm a Celebrity' set is pretty basic this year

    Simon HallSimon HallMåned siden
  • Most fickle fans on earth after scotland draw you all wanted to hang him

    Diane BeattieDiane BeattieMåned siden
  • So, England fly to Italy, an Amber zone, requiring 10 days quarantine when they return like everyone else 🤔 Or as expected avoid such measures as it’s all a load of blx! Nobody should have to endure these draconian measures…

    Mr PicklesMr PicklesMåned siden
  • We’re only winning because every game we have played so far is at wembley

    Man united 5Man united 5Måned siden
    • @tranzLift416 go on pal, your comments about 3 days too late

      Man united 5Man united 528 dager siden
    • The 4-0 win was in Rome. 😂

      tranzLift416tranzLift41628 dager siden
    • Rubbish

      Mark KennaMark KennaMåned siden
  • No game is played on paper … Concentrate on the next game only the players and management staff should not dare to dream.

    Robbie WizzRobbie WizzMåned siden
  • Please only talking about pl player why they are not talking about sancho and girlish to start

    Yxng DawaZzYxng DawaZzMåned siden
  • Jaden sancho

    Yxng DawaZzYxng DawaZzMåned siden
  • I'm behind England but with this it's coming home bollocks. Come on one step at a time guys. We thought it was coming home in 2018 it didn't.

    Beef DancerBeef DancerMåned siden
  • He is spot on

    No amount of evidence will ever persuade An idiotNo amount of evidence will ever persuade An idiotMåned siden
  • England England England England. England England England England. We gonna score more then you ENGLAND

    ricardo Sanchezricardo SanchezMåned siden
  • People need to think hard because you got Italy and Belgium Denmark and Ukraine so we need to do more

    Matthew GrovesMatthew GrovesMåned siden
  • On a different note fair play to Mark Wright .. An awesome presenter and a seemless transition from reality star to player to this role. Sits very well in his field and is obvs very relatable

    Jamie SomersJamie SomersMåned siden
    • I used to love watching him at the baseball ground

      Stringer13ellStringer13ellMåned siden
  • One quality ball and he scored 😂😂 what about maguire pass to Kane and all the other chances he has missed. Kane is overrated for England.

    Shoaib MaroofShoaib MaroofMåned siden
  • nice garden jamie

    Aaron TAaron TMåned siden
  • Now tell them to stand up. Apart from Belgium, Wales and Scotland (for one game) NONE of the other 20 teams has abased their nation by kneeling at the vile, bigoted altar of assumed white racism.

    monck55monck55Måned siden
  • Footballs not coming home yet. But England will be going home, if they don't concentrate on the next match in front of them.

    Video MasterVideo MasterMåned siden
  • Shouldn't he have said that before the match.

    Arjun KumarArjun KumarMåned siden
  • So just so I have this straight, Gareth was great after the first game, then after the Scotland game there were questions over him and now he is great again, can the media pick a gear and stick to it.

    Derek O' SullivanDerek O' SullivanMåned siden
  • The most successful England manager in decades. Seems a decent bloke too.

    Michael HarveyMichael HarveyMåned siden
    • @Lee Thomas The only wet wipe is you. 😂 😂

      tranzLift416tranzLift41628 dager siden
    • Lee Thomas why?

      brrsuperduperbrrsuperduperMåned siden

    Alexander ScottAlexander ScottMåned siden
  • Soon as i seen sky sports havin reality stars as pundits and youtube fifa players as pundits for both football and boxing i cancelled my sky sports subscription. Laughable organisation.

    hardy 1989hardy 1989Måned siden
    • omg i didnt know that, that sound like a really daft attempt at trying to modernise, ffs computer games aint real world

      ray croalray croalMåned siden
  • Get them English flags flying from every house. Bout time we had some pride in this country

    walkers wrathwalkers wrathMåned siden
  • as i say BELLA, you know what i mean BELLA. BELLA BELLA BELLA BELLA !!!! ahahahahahahahahhahaahh :)

    kvg kumulkvg kumulMåned siden
  • The 3 we will remember, talk about and attach to the 2020 Euro in years to come will be. Sterling, Grealish and Pickford.

    Joseph TurtonJoseph TurtonMåned siden
  • Jamie redknapp doesn’t age

    Slix Boxing365Slix Boxing365Måned siden
  • I can't believe it, England are actually going to win the Euros!! What an incredible team with some of the best players in the world! They deserve it more than everyone else. Get in boys!

    AjAjMåned siden
  • We're almost at the point where the team picks itself and Gareth only has to choose which system he plays ... Pickford, Stones, Maguire, Rice, Phillips, Sterling and Kane are now fixtures in this team. If we play 4 - 4 - 2 then he'll either bring Mount back or possibly Grealish and leave out Saka. I can see Shaw and Walker staying in so it may be Trippier in front of Walker or if he wants to go slightly more offensive then he might give Foden another run out. In 1966 England put out a team for the quarter final and stuck with the same players right to the end. Of course with substitutions allowed now Gareth has a few more options if things are not going well.

    William MarshalWilliam MarshalMåned siden
  • It’s crazy that the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham, Seaman, Gazza, Rooney and many others failing to beat Germany, I think there was too much emphasis on expectations etc but Southgate is doing well to keep the pressure off the players so they can enjoy their football

    James SimsJames SimsMåned siden
  • i wouldn't trust Gareth to run a bath

    SRGSRGMåned siden
    • Look who's talking. 😂

      tranzLift416tranzLift41628 dager siden
    • Only time for showers when you’re running Germany out of town

      B RB RMåned siden
  • I think its time to let the scotch , welsh and northern Irish ( but not eire) play for England.....its the only way their best players will have a chance to compete

    billy toffinghambilly toffinghamMåned siden
    • @N Taylor....is there any difference ? England are the only ones who are qualifying

      billy toffinghambilly toffinghamMåned siden
    • UK / Britain maybe, but not England! Lol 😆

      N TaylorN TaylorMåned siden
  • Ukraine will be knackered after the 120 min game. Hopefully we can do it in 90 mins,as only 4 days recovery now

    junior jonesjunior jonesMåned siden
    • We thought would be the case with Croatia in 2018, after they went to extra time in both games before the semi, and we know how that turned out. The real lesson here is that they went life and death with 10 man Sweden, and really aren't a decent team who we should be afraid of.

      John BullJohn BullMåned siden
  • It’s only the round of 16 calm down

    Shuayb KoshinShuayb KoshinMåned siden
  • Jonjo Shelvey is a better passer than Phillips

    CGCGMåned siden
  • Just thought in a 5 at the back that grealish should play instead of shaw as he can mix defensive duty but push opposition back where Shaw couldn't do that in the first half at all.

    Peter BurkePeter BurkeMåned siden
    • I suppose you’d also like to see Saka & Sancho at CB next...

      George HironsGeorge HironsMåned siden
  • Well the BBC studio covering the game, were visibly upset after the team news came out! They looked so depleted because it was such a defensive line up!

    Original UnoriginalOriginal UnoriginalMåned siden
    • yeah they won't admit that now though will they

      ray croalray croalMåned siden
  • I guarantee England lose the next match. 100%

    Joe MckenzieJoe MckenzieMåned siden
  • Neville is a good manager and his misfortune in 96 will pay dividends as experience. I’m welsh and gutted we are out however now I am behind Neville 100% win lose or draw the guy is from the the stable of Ferguson and if not this time next time . Come on Sterling and Neville bring it home

    Twotone1 T2CSTwotone1 T2CSMåned siden
    • Do you mean Gareth...???? Who is Neville....🤣

      Hornetboy 65Hornetboy 65Måned siden
  • The England national team must play match by match and not underestimate Ukraine. It plays a beautiful ball, as the English people say it's coming home.

    islam lebdaiislam lebdaiMåned siden
    • Yes England must play match by match and Denmark play so good it will be a hard match

      Maria LeesMaria Lees28 dager siden
  • The Ukraine play some lovely football at times. England will need to be careful.

    NickNickMåned siden
  • the amount of adverts is a joke

    Michaels ViewsMichaels ViewsMåned siden
    • Get ad blocker installed i dont have any adverts watching this, if you watch on your phone delete app and play it in your browser and theres no adverts

      Rupert WilmotRupert WilmotMåned siden
  • A slight dig at rashford and sancho always questioning attitude in training these false narratives...swer there got more goals and assits this season then the others combined

    Kyle DonaldsonKyle DonaldsonMåned siden
    • An u even count

      Jaime VazquezJaime VazquezMåned siden
    • I swer you are so right, assits are really important. Far too many fause narratives as you say. Wish more peeple spoke gud engish like us.

      Paul DGPaul DGMåned siden
  • Gareth Southgate should be proud. Model Englishman, model redemption story and literal Marks and Spencer waistcoat model.

    Claudio KilgannonClaudio KilgannonMåned siden
    • I hope the fans turn up wearing his waistcoat again like in the World Cup. Such a good look!

      Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On MeHarvey Weinstein Ejaculated On MeMåned siden
  • and if england lose to ukraine?

    Mike MurrayMike MurrayMåned siden
  • He continuously picks the wrong team and he was a shite player, why should I get behind him?

    Austrian PainterAustrian PainterMåned siden
  • You can't blame Harry Kane's performance on the lack of service Jamie. He's had no form in this tournament for whatever reason. I think it's your Tottenham bias making you say these things. He scored his goal last night so now I think he will show the world class player he is. As an Arsenal fan, it's hard to say but he's the best striker in the PL league but maybe you should you be bit more accurate and impartial in your assessment. Also maybe mention Saka?

    Sam RattueSam RattueMåned siden
  • In Southgate we trust. Until you lose.

    ChrisTopper LondelChrisTopper LondelMåned siden
    • Exactly. And we wonder why our players play with fear in the past. Gotta get behind em unconditionally, if just for a little experiment!

      B RB RMåned siden
  • Lol absolutely winging it !

    Janjua __Janjua __Måned siden
  • Seems alot of fans and pundits like Redknapp are so fickle. When Southgate wins it's the whole "trust the process" bullshit but when they lose it will be the negative tactics and wrong team picked. People cant wait to berate him when they lose and he will be blamed regardless - NEVER the players fault AS USUAL. Expect to see more of the flip flopping of Redknapp and co. in the coming weeks.

    Mr PotatoMr PotatoMåned siden
  • I don't care if Germanys team is not what it usually is but this was a massive victory, Italy England final I'm calling it

    Lee Da ManLee Da ManMåned siden
  • Well if Jamie says it we must. After all, he wears Sketchers. 🙄

    LovedaaaLovedaaaMåned siden
  • He ain't wrong

    C SynchC SynchMåned siden
  • Southgate deffo deserves respect on his name 100%

    Nohman AhmedNohman AhmedMåned siden
  • In the quarters and semis, England will face teams who will try to shithouse them the way they shithoused Germany. A back 7 and cross and hope to Sterling/Kane isn’t gonna work then. Now is the time for Southgate to let the handbrake off, and use the wealth of attacking talent at his disposal. Once they reach the final, he can revert to shithousery, and it will come home.

    Rohit BhatachaaryaRohit BhatachaaryaMåned siden
  • Don’t take beating any opposition for granted, think Iceland.

    PeterPeterMåned siden
    • The difference here is that 2016 Iceland were a decent team and hard to beat. They qualified by beating Turkey and the Dutch twice, and didn't lose a group game. Ukraine may well have the game of their lives, but they've been pretty terrible so far. Losing this next game would the the worst England result in decades, maybe even ever, Ukraine just aren't a decent team. I mean, just remove the team names from the equation, and you have one team that's not conceded in 4 games, beat the Croats, Czechs and Germany, and another team that's lost to a poor Netherlands and Austria, only qualified from beating North Macedonia by a single goal, and then went life and death with 10 man Sweden. Only a complete nutjob would favour team 2.

      John BullJohn BullMåned siden
    • @Ben Evans and Kyle walker too if you insist I mention him. I wasn't going to but thanks for prompting me

      MattMattMåned siden
    • @Matt and?

      Ben EvansBen EvansMåned siden
    • @Ben Evans kane and sterling did both play that game though

      MattMattMåned siden
    • @Ben Evans *Five

      Thomas O'HaraThomas O'HaraMåned siden
  • NO WE DONT. Hes a joke. How can you not play Foden or start Grealish. And stick with Kane when hes done nothing the entire tourny.

    Ben O'NeillBen O'NeillMåned siden
    • I’m glad you’re not the manager 😅

      John SmithJohn SmithMåned siden
  • In Gareth we trust

    NotoriousBCNotoriousBCMåned siden
  • Take note England haters, get behind your national team have pride in them.

    Robert BryantRobert BryantMåned siden
    • @monck55 er

      Robert BryantRobert BryantMåned siden
    • Pride on their knees.

      monck55monck55Måned siden
    • Far 2 many mugs that play football manager asked for Southgate out….

      cousin leighcousin leighMåned siden
    • Facts

      Jaime VazquezJaime VazquezMåned siden
    • We're winning the Euro's!!!!!!!!!! Get in England!

      AjAjMåned siden
  • Mark Wright???!!! Wtfs going on🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tommy JamesonTommy JamesonMåned siden
  • It's gonna happen.....I cannot believe its finally gonna happen. Its coming home

    Scotty McdonaldScotty McdonaldMåned siden
    • @Mike Adams Na its gonna happen. I'll speak to you once we have won it

      Scotty McdonaldScotty McdonaldMåned siden
    • Keep your feet on the ground. We have been here before !

      Mike AdamsMike AdamsMåned siden
  • I agree with the headline. That said, the win was great but there were some areas that do need tweaking. 1. The central midfield exposed the defence on several occasions to balls down the channels; the very first free kick was only just short of being a penalty because Rice was completely out of position, and this happened on more than one occasion. 2. The wingers were basically static with one noticeable exception: Saka. That young man had the courage to run at the German defence and they were petrified of his pace. Far too often the ball was fed out to the wings and instead of the receiver running in behind the German defence and giving the midfield players options to play balls through the defensive line, the wingers ran a few yards and then stopped, time after time after time. 3. Far too much unnecessary passing the ball backwards, and it so nearly cost England what would have been a critical goal. England got away with it last night but there was no need to be in that situation in the first place. Southgate and England are managing risk reasonably well but there are areas that they just need to tighten up on a little to move on to the next level and give themselves a real chance of winning this thing.

    MarkMarkMåned siden
  • Long long way to go that was just a match we won

    indi bassiindi bassiMåned siden
    • Yes Denmark will be a hard match

      Maria LeesMaria Lees28 dager siden
  • I think Spain will win Euro 2021

    flyvon fernandesflyvon fernandesMåned siden
  • Majority of the English fans wanted Southgate to leave last week now they'll back him wtf back yer man no matter what. Yous can say it's coming home all yous want it's not coming home 🤣🤣

    Lanky 67Lanky 67Måned siden
    • Love to see a bitter Jock in the comments.

      Moz QuiffMoz QuiffMåned siden
  • Sterling have brought us into qualifier,and then into quarterfinal...fact..watch the qualifying result

    Baim SabiqBaim SabiqMåned siden
    • The team brought us through to the semi finals didnt know sterling was a goal keeper great at scoring and assisting though :)

      BigDog4060BigDog406026 dager siden
    • Sterling is so good

      Maria LeesMaria Lees28 dager siden
  • Where are all the arm chair southgate hating fans now!!?? Silencing those 'know it all' bellends is almost as satisfying as beating Germany

    Jack ReillyJack ReillyMåned siden
    • He has to go all the way to the final to justify not using our best attacking players and playing good football. I'll gladly eat humble pie if we do, but there will be questions asked if we go out trying to stink the joint out by being too negative.

      John BullJohn BullMåned siden
  • Excellent views Jamie Redknapp best I’ve heard so far. Southgate deserves much more credit

    Mo TimboMo TimboMåned siden
  • He has been so smart, look at all the players pulling up injured, he has chopped and changed where he can so he still has a fresh, Foden,mount,grealish,sancho,rashford,calvert Lewin even saka reece James allayers that can come in and do well, only ones you may say are not fresh could be Kane,stones, even sterling has had an easier season and HM had a few games off towards the end of the season injured, rice looked tired but you have a fresh Bellingham and half fit Henderson available

    Joe StockerJoe StockerMåned siden
  • Are we not allowed our own opinion or do the football media have to approve it all?

    James NewsteadJames NewsteadMåned siden
  • This is now or never for England. All the favorite teams have knocked themselves out and the road to the final is now wide open for England.

    Lu MesuLu MesuMåned siden
    • @Aj MUFC I hope it so much but Denmark will be a hard match

      Maria LeesMaria Lees28 dager siden
    • Belgium is still there and Italy are not to be underestimated but I do hope England win

      Aj MUFCAj MUFCMåned siden
  • 1st time in 55 years 😯 😯 😯

    Lu MesuLu MesuMåned siden
  • GET BEHIND SOUTHGATE AND THE BOYS. They have a plan. We know how to win & be tough to beat. We're controlled, assured and tactically spot on. Support them!!!!! Bring it home lads.

    Samuel HansonSamuel HansonMåned siden
  • This woman's voice is so difficult to listen to.

    Matt ThompsonMatt ThompsonMåned siden
  • Southgate Fans are a cult. blind trust. Leader can do no wrong. 🐑 🐑 🐑

    xvsghshs Gsgdhdhyxvsghshs GsgdhdhyMåned siden
  • It's coming home

    Darren FergusonDarren FergusonMåned siden
  • Host could work on losing some of that London accent, lacks the polish a broadcaster should have. Her co-host is beyond help, sounds like he installs gas boilers when he's not busy at Sky.

    Jason KennedyJason KennedyMåned siden
    • No one cares

      ant wasiant wasiMåned siden
  • England 95 to 99? I only remember him playing 1 game and scored 1 goal

    Kevin PriorKevin PriorMåned siden
    • Injured a lot

      Mike AdamsMike AdamsMåned siden
    • He was probably always on the sub bench

      Kieran BKieran BMåned siden
  • Sterling been quiet for city but had a phenomenal tournament for England

    Luke BrownLuke BrownMåned siden
    • For his standards u cud say tht but he finished second in the team in goals even in his down year ....then ppl want to say he's not great .....thts wat great players do.....sterling is world class

      Jaime VazquezJaime VazquezMåned siden
    • Yeah and that's all what matters really😂

      Jake WilkinsonJake WilkinsonMåned siden
  • Jamie: “I was so surpri……. I was so happy” 😂😂😂😂😂

    All-FatherAll-FatherMåned siden
    • 😂😂😂

      C JC JMåned siden
    • Haha good ear I heard that as welll haha

      Behraam KhanBehraam KhanMåned siden
  • after being Germany don't go and loss against Ukraine.. else all this hype will go to 🗑️

    naocha sjnaocha sjMåned siden
  • Last week he was asking why he doesnt play other lads now hes saying trust him what a donkey hahahahaahaha

    iRRichieeiRRichieeMåned siden
  • "Gareth Southgate! The whole of England is with you!"

    LukrinLukrinMåned siden
    • Amen

      The one true GREGThe one true GREG28 dager siden
    • Empty words lol

      Olbap RabocseOlbap RabocseMåned siden
    • @Danny Esse England Italy final?

      Andrew JoyceAndrew JoyceMåned siden
    • @Andrew Joyce come on England from Italy

      Danny EsseDanny EsseMåned siden
    • No just England

      Andrew JoyceAndrew JoyceMåned siden
  • Under the bus if they lose there next game. Lol

    Jonathan FaganJonathan FaganMåned siden
  • Sky... stop milkin this Beating Germany is not a Trophy.. watch Northgate lose to Shevchenko

    Theo SantanaTheo SantanaMåned siden
  • Can't understand why Phillips is considered to be a defensive selection

    J SJ SMåned siden
    • Cause he loves a tackle and is hard to play against as germany found out.

      All-FatherAll-FatherMåned siden
  • If England beats a team, that team was bad, if England lose to a team, that team was decent. Yes Germany weren't at their 2014 strength, but let's not pretend they were not good

    Forest FloodForest FloodMåned siden
    • Not even that. Just look at how they were saying that Germany side will smash England but as soon as England wins, then, suddenly, that Germany side wasn't good enough 🤣🤣🤣

      Active Life TransformationActive Life TransformationMåned siden

    TheOnlyJoe_TheOnlyJoe_Måned siden
    • @Joe Smith 4-0 What an idiot he was.

      R69NiXR69NiX29 dager siden
    • @John Paul lol didn't age well you idiot hahahahahaha wanna come back?

      R69NiXR69NiX29 dager siden
    • @John Paul I’ll be back tonight to comment when England win. Prob 3-0 🥱

      Joe SmithJoe SmithMåned siden
    • @John Paul think again mate

      TheOnlyJoe_TheOnlyJoe_Måned siden
    • Eww wtf bro on your own…

      Mario LisaMario LisaMåned siden
  • We Will Destroy Ukraine

    Kian JKian JMåned siden