Jamie Carragher reacts to England's 2-1 win over Denmark & reaching the Euro 2020 final!

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Jamie Carragher discusses England's 2-1 win over Denmark and looks ahead to the final on Sunday.
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  • at least hi is honest about pen

    Fr AtFr At21 dag siden
  • best diver by a long way

    Fr AtFr At21 dag siden
  • It's going Rome, not coming home. I am not Italian but I love Italia. Forza Azzurri. Now go get those paper lions.

    Ethan HuntEthan Hunt22 dager siden
  • So on England’s winning goal we have: 1. Play should have been stopped by ref as there were 2 balls on pitch and extra ball was interfering with play 2. Penalty a clear dive & never a penalty 3. Fans shone laser in Schmeichel’s face as he fumbled save

    L1NX ∨L1NX ∨22 dager siden
  • People in charge have made a clanger signing this tool. Only reason he's got any shred of success is because silly women love looking at him. The biggest red flag in this situation is it's pointless for skysports as he's presenting a channel and content that 95 percent of the audiance is male and can't stand him. No wonder he's getting so much hate. Plus he's terrible at his job and all he has to do is read from a script presented to him and he can't even manage that properly lol very laughable tbh with you. Anyone agree?

    Jay CuthbertJay Cuthbert22 dager siden
  • Italy will beat England on penalties , Harry Kane will copy Southgate and miss.

    BK007BK00722 dager siden
  • England robbed the world FOOTBALL again

    Gani GaniGani Gani23 dager siden
  • Face it have not faced a decent team yet Italy will be a totally different prospect

    Rod PetersonRod Peterson23 dager siden
  • Probably the only people voting for England in the final are english people.

    ReckerRecker23 dager siden
  • W

    in casein case23 dager siden
  • Lobotomised presenters

    Nick NewmanNick Newman23 dager siden
  • I'm 68 was 12 Living in Peckham, when we won the World Cup we are unbeaten in Finals.....from the Heart of a Millwall fan.......in Australia ...Play free England & Bribg it Home....God Bless our Boy's

    john mcdaidjohn mcdaid23 dager siden
  • Not heard this Jay Carragher talk before, but certainly seems to know his stuff!!

    Jay BeeJay Bee23 dager siden
    • Where have you been?

      Raquel DavisRaquel Davis23 dager siden
  • Nice cheating england 🔥 way to ruin the game we love

    BrianBrian23 dager siden
  • How you doing Jay, you good?! Where did this arsehole come from like, this Mark Wright. What a colossal bellend!

    Ben McAdamBen McAdam24 dager siden
  • No one fancied Denmark, Greece and Portugal winning the Euro in 1992, 2004 and 2016 respectively. I put England in that category. Remember the ball is round so anything can happen when you least expect it!

    Miami WongMiami Wong24 dager siden
  • The whole tournament is designed for england to win. Nothing to be proud about.

    Mike ZikfoggMike Zikfogg24 dager siden
    • Did you get that from Qanon?

      Ed MannEd Mann24 dager siden
  • So proud of the boys ❤️

    OnwalksOnwalks24 dager siden
  • If England lose, I’m not eating spaghetti for a month!

    ih8mcflyih8mcfly24 dager siden
    • @CheesyChicken4LiFe yes that’s right !

      ih8mcflyih8mcfly21 dag siden
    • No spaghetti for you lad.

      CheesyChicken4LiFeCheesyChicken4LiFe21 dag siden
    • Yo this made me chuckle

      S FS F22 dager siden
    • Brilliant 👏👏😂

      Big DaddyBig Daddy23 dager siden
  • laser win gg

    najbjergpoulsennajbjergpoulsen24 dager siden
  • We beat Spain in 1996 are they not a major nation?

    dougdoug24 dager siden
  • I think Luke Shaw deserves a mention for how well he’s played for England. He’s been crucial on creating attacking opportunities and goals throughout the knockout stage.

    Liam HaleyLiam Haley24 dager siden
    • Shaw has been brilliant.

      jonathan gjonathan g22 dager siden
    • @jackyboy777666 agreed! I’m a city fan and despite the rivalry I’m happy to give that acknowledgement! He’s class.

      Liam HaleyLiam Haley23 dager siden
    • I'm a United fan and Shaw has been immense for ages now.

      jackyboy777666jackyboy77766623 dager siden
  • Why do you care Jamie? You said in a interview that you didn't care when you was England, you rather Liverpool win a champions league than England winning a world cup. You said the North don't care about England as much. This is a fake interview.

    James’s Fighting TalkJames’s Fighting Talk24 dager siden
    • Still cares. Just cares for liverpool MORE. And nothing wrong with that

      mozzimozzi10mozzimozzi1024 dager siden
  • You can see Neville and 'Jay' Carragher love talking with this tool. Sky have plummeted to new depths hiring him. He's just a talking suntan. 'Hello, Jay, geezer . . . '

    Danny PotterDanny Potter24 dager siden
    • Your not a Liverpool fan I take it bud

      martin dalymartin daly22 dager siden
    • Dw i think he'll probably go after the euros. Think sky brought him in to bring a more relaxed vibe to the show

      Cric starCric star23 dager siden
  • England fans: Why does everyone seem to hate us now? Leeds fans: First time?

    FletchFletch24 dager siden
  • Sterling has to play on the right, foden, Gealish has to play on they left

    Indzone willyIndzone willy24 dager siden
  • Forza Azzurri 🇮🇹

    northbadgernorthbadger24 dager siden
  • Love Jamie he knows what he's talking about,

    Matthew S RedheadMatthew S Redhead24 dager siden
    • Clearly not when he thinks sterling has actually played well and been “England’s best player by a long way”

      FatherFirminoFatherFirmino24 dager siden
    • Biased pundit

      Matthew DoyleMatthew Doyle24 dager siden
  • Southgate is a diplomat who calms things down. He is really good at that.

    Paul HPaul H24 dager siden
  • Football deserves respect. Italy deserves respect. Beware of the Referee on july 11.

    Pasquale ScippaPasquale Scippa24 dager siden
    • @lamar sharpboss I hear Spain should have beaten them but they got really lucky 🤔

      Captain WowCaptain Wow24 dager siden
    • I hear the Italians are Sky divers

      lamar sharpbosslamar sharpboss24 dager siden
    • Chill bro, don't put salt on your cereal you prat 🙃😂

      Captain WowCaptain Wow24 dager siden

    dermot milligan 2.0dermot milligan 2.024 dager siden
  • It really has been the perfect progression 😭

    dermot milligan 2.0dermot milligan 2.024 dager siden
  • Jammi talk so much. Just give the answer who's the player of the tournament .

    Tamil MaranTamil Maran24 dager siden
  • I’m going 2-0! England all the way 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💪

    Garry McgrathGarry Mcgrath24 dager siden
  • We have to win that’s it !! Nothing else matters come on England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 a fantastic young squad with Harry Kane leading from the front Raheem has been fantastic 🤫shut your mouth haters

    Garry McgrathGarry Mcgrath24 dager siden
    • Which is what you will have to do if England lose......

      Sheila KirwanSheila Kirwan24 dager siden
  • Jamie is not convince england will go all the way because he and Gary belongs to the most overrated group of players in their generation...the generation of bottlejobs

    Mohd Fazli IbrahimMohd Fazli Ibrahim24 dager siden
    • That’s not bad for one week of correspondence English lessons. Keep it up.

      verbALsverbALs24 dager siden
  • 🚨⚽️The penalty is not clear.The Danish goalkeeper's face is very handsome when the laser beam hits.The match is not fair.🇩🇰Denmark deserves to play in the final.Denmark, you are stronger than the England players, you will succeed in the World Cup when everything is fairer.

    Hung TranHung Tran24 dager siden
  • Sterling missed a few sitters. I don't get the love..

    Michael AMichael A24 dager siden
    • He missed one chance and created two ...wats the problem .....sis u watch Messi against Columbia ....gray players are human too .....they DNT have a hundred percent conversion rate ...nobody does ....but i bet u cant truthfully name any player thts more impactful than sterling in these euros

      Jaime VazquezJaime Vazquez24 dager siden
  • It’s diving home.

    x xx x24 dager siden
  • “Major nation” 😂 Germany was poor this whole tournament. So the real test will be on Sunday

    Amiin AdenAmiin Aden24 dager siden
    • *mancini, but mancunian works as well I guess 😂

      Terry HarleTerry Harle24 dager siden
    • So poor they battered the defending champions 4-2 and it could've been worse, fact is international football is a much more even playing field nowadays, both Italy and england have been the two best teams, the two standout teams as far as quality of performance in Italy, and best team statistically in england, if you want to win or get to a final of a major tournament you have to pretty much guarantee you have to get past germany, so yeah germany are the epitome of a major nation, it don't get no more major than germany, england had to overcome the psychological weight of history to beat germany, there couldn't be a tougher game for england to play, and I don't have to listen to how good Italy are because although I'm a proud born and raised englishman, I'm half Italian/Sicilian myself and I knew before the tournament how good Italy were and how good they would do so I don't need all of these bandwagon jumpers to start talking about how good Italy are because none of you were talking about the azzurri before the euro's at all, but Italians were, and Roberto mancunian himself credits his style of play based on a premier league influence, and that's always been his style ling before he managed in the premier league, going all the way back to when he first managed Lazio, there is a lot of respect nowadays between england and Italy

      Terry HarleTerry Harle24 dager siden
  • Kid drew the contact.... defence shud av let him pass freely

    Ali donAli don24 dager siden
    • Thts my point too bro....where he the contact was minimal or not a foul is a foul and why did they have to make contact with him wen every player knows tht inside the box is called differently.....football is a contact sport but tht DNT mean u have to make contact with the attacker Everytime u tackle him

      Jaime VazquezJaime Vazquez24 dager siden
  • Yes I’m here🙂

    Harry DinningHarry Dinning24 dager siden
  • I said this at the start of group play, I predicted southgate will go down as best england manager ever, or tied. Naturally he would need a trophy.

    Joe CookJoe Cook24 dager siden
  • Anybody think phil foden looks like slim shady on pitch🤣🤣🤣🤣

    mark johny5*mark johny5*24 dager siden
  • 0:14 - the presenters have literally *everything* scripted and even then, they somehow trip over each other and say the same cliché line

    Al MulloyAl Mulloy24 dager siden
    • 😂

      Bruh TrainBruh Train21 dag siden
    • @Jay he's there to utilise England's success at the Euros to try and bring in a more casual fan to watch Sky Sports. No one who follows football with interest needs a celebrity footballer to bring them in, but it make it easier for other people to click on the video and that's all Sky need

      Sim PudneySim Pudney22 dager siden
    • Jinx 🤣

      Victor J. M.Victor J. M.23 dager siden
    • @Jay he has known to present and does know a bit about football so not as if they’ve picked him just for being a name

      Elliott GouldElliott Gould23 dager siden
    • @Jay Don't know,? He did start playing for a lower league side . I can't remember because he is irrelevant. It was a league 1 or 2 club and a short term contract.

      Salty TearsSalty Tears23 dager siden
  • Sterling once again

    ROGER B-D-RROGER B-D-R24 dager siden
  • Harry kane you having laugh rubbish player the media is given him to much credit his well overrated

    Tony YassineTony Yassine24 dager siden
  • Asian lady is so cringey with that nasally voice ...

    Mario LisaMario Lisa24 dager siden
  • Sterling has been great this tournament but last night he wasnt good at all

    Ashton CoombesAshton Coombes24 dager siden
  • We beat both Spain & Netherlands in knockout games in 1996

    andymuso53andymuso5324 dager siden
    • Netherlands was a group game and spain was on penalties. This tournament is the first we won a knockout game in normal time

      Darren LambDarren Lamb23 dager siden
    • @D C True. But we did beat Spain in the quarters even if it was on pens. Jamie was wrong saying we hadn't beating a major country since 1996. Although I suppose you could argue Spain were not really a major team then, even with RM & Barca being massive clubs. Especially Real who had won more European Cups than any other club.

      andymuso53andymuso5324 dager siden
  • It's our Turn this Time Football is Coming Home of that im Sure I can feel it in my Bones

    Philip StoutPhilip Stout24 dager siden
    • @Sheila Kirwan We will see Keep the Faith Come on England

      Philip StoutPhilip Stout24 dager siden
    • The last time I heard this was the day England lost in the world cup

      Sheila KirwanSheila Kirwan24 dager siden
    • You mean Italy dam right is coming home to Italy lol

      Tony YassineTony Yassine24 dager siden
  • I keep saying: "Sterling is England's best player by far" ✊🏿 thanks for the validation Jamie 🙌🏿

    mothusi mashigomothusi mashigo24 dager siden
    • @D C ha ha … Then why could England only get goals on an own goal and a diver penalty they could not even execute? Where were the real goals from this bunch of primitive wife beaters???

      Espen UldalEspen Uldal24 dager siden
    • @mothusi mashigo and you are deluded

      Sheila KirwanSheila Kirwan24 dager siden
    • Best player so why cheat....we can skip over it but there will be consequences

      Sheila KirwanSheila Kirwan24 dager siden
    • Sterling is the best diver. Football wise he is a mediocre thief.

      Espen UldalEspen Uldal24 dager siden
    • @Jaime Vazquez One player who's been more impactful in regards to cheating? No, I can't. Sterling even dived on the own goal, that sorry little cheat. However, if we talk real football, I can name several players. Spinazzola, Chiesa, Benzema, Ronaldo, Chiellini, Bonucci, Mæhle, Insigne, Dolberg. Your little diver has not made any impact for others than English ignorants. You speak as if England has met any quality teams before the semi's. You met bottom feeders like Scotland, Ukraine and a broken down Germany. And what happens when you meet adversity? You cheat. You cheat as a team and as a nation. And at the same time you tell yourselves that you have quality. Had you not played all your matches at Wembley, even Ukraine could probably knocked you out. Sterling might be a king in England, but in Europe he is a jester and a thief. Nothing more.

      Espen UldalEspen Uldal24 dager siden
  • People complained about Kane's undeserved penalty but come on England was long overdue to receive controversial decision which benefit them.

    Haru KrentzHaru Krentz24 dager siden
  • Heart says 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 head says 🇮🇹. I think their big game experience will shine through. Hope I’m wrong. Cmon England!

    Paul ThurmanPaul Thurman24 dager siden
  • 4231 Pickford Walker Stones Maguire Shaw Hendo Rice Sterling Mount Grealish Kane Sancho Saka Phillips Foden and Rashfors used as subs. That would be my team in the final against Italy. This team would tear another a**hole into Chiellini and Bonucci

    Stepover Sami RahmanStepover Sami Rahman24 dager siden
    • 2nd video Ive seen u comment this

      Ashton CoombesAshton Coombes24 dager siden
  • What a roller-coaster

    J SJ S25 dager siden
  • With Gareth we know there will be no tax evasion or Eileen Druary or God talk no Ulrika style scandal or News of the World corruption stings, he is boring as heck but just what is needed for the country. Win or lose what a great job he has done so far. England win final 1-0 everyone happy.

    Handsome DevilHandsome Devil25 dager siden
  • I'll be honest, I think we struggled to convincingly beat an average Denmark , Czech, Croatia and Scotland. This Italy team are NO average looking team and unfortunately, I just can't see us winning Italy. Football is football though and I really hope I'm wrong and any controversial decisions go our way. "We're Going To Win, Euro 21" is the title of my song.

    AzarunaAzaruna25 dager siden
    • @GamerBoi-AG We are more clinical in front of goal for sure, as long as Rashford doesn't play that is. I do think that Italy attacking us more than the average teams we've played might work in our favour on the counter. We'll certainly need every pkayer on their game and Pickford's distribution to be better.

      AzarunaAzaruna24 dager siden
    • I would honestly disagree about the Czech Republic and Croatia, we held both teams to 1-0 when Croatia put 3 past Spain and Czech Republic had Patrik Schick. I think that England were pretty comfortably managing both games, even though there wasn't a big score difference. England have about half as many chances compared to Italy but all that matters is who will be able to keep up with defending their goals and whether England will create many chances and take the ones they get. The game vs Italy will really depend on who holds more possession and can break down the defence more often. England don't make many chances but I'd argue that because of that they are more clinical than Italy.

      GamerBoi-AGGamerBoi-AG24 dager siden
  • Penalty or No penalty, England was playing like Brazil and could have scored!

    Edmunds LifeEdmunds Life25 dager siden
  • Whether England Wins the final or not, I am inspired and motivated! However the time to win it is now.

    Edmunds LifeEdmunds Life25 dager siden

      Jo CoJo Co21 dag siden
    • Bottle merchants 😂

      CheesyChicken4LiFeCheesyChicken4LiFe21 dag siden
    • @Jo Co What has you country won how many Quarter/semi-finals & finals have your country won . You sound salty.

      Salty TearsSalty Tears24 dager siden
    • A loss is a failure for a country that hasn’t won a trophy for 55 years.

      Jo CoJo Co24 dager siden
  • The final should have been France vs Belgium.

    C GC G25 dager siden
    • But it's not so.....

      Jaye KirbyJaye Kirby24 dager siden
  • My prediction is 2:1 England vs Italy.

    Mukhtar SaiidMukhtar Saiid25 dager siden
  • The Kane penalty shout should have been given and maybe this influenced the Stirling decision.....

    Stephen PodeschiStephen Podeschi25 dager siden
    • Probably not, Kane's penalty shout was after sterlings

      Ben RiversBen Rivers25 dager siden
  • Hes RUFF AS F**K

    Melissa WindleMelissa Windle25 dager siden
  • carra should have got more england caps

    Aaron TAaron T25 dager siden
  • Carragher is not English he is scousee

    Kareem_114 Kareem_114Kareem_114 Kareem_11425 dager siden
  • When the hell did Mark Wright join Sky Sports News?

    W x BW x B25 dager siden
    • don't know but he's miserable (and incredibly thick)

      Jack HarknessJack Harkness24 dager siden
    • And even more importantly, why??

      Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On MeHarvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me24 dager siden
  • Penalty where????? And why England has to play all the important games at home??? Cause lovely Boris paid Ceferin to win

    Alex GrazioliAlex Grazioli25 dager siden
    • Did he pay Denmark to hang up their boots in the second half too?

      thehumble kiwithehumble kiwi24 dager siden
    • Sort your sore 'EAD' out son.

      FastyaveitFastyaveit25 dager siden
  • Karma will get England in the final.

    global fanglobal fan25 dager siden
    • No mate. Karma got us TO the final. We've had our share. Pass the salt 🧂

      Andrew BarkAndrew Bark24 dager siden
  • Englad are going to win this tournament. Put your money onit !!!!

    RAW #VIZIONRAW #VIZION25 dager siden
  • Harry Maguire is an absolute rolls royce. Physically solid, great positioning, great dribbler, argueably the best CB in the world right now.

    Of the Uchiha clanOf the Uchiha clan25 dager siden
    • @Am Let me guess, you're english. This is exactly why England have not gone close to winnin anything for 55 years. You lot bring ur own players down based solely on popularity. Of 100 games Maguire is a solid 7 to 8/10 in 97. A mistake here n there n thats wa u conclude. Quite sad for u guys.

      Of the Uchiha clanOf the Uchiha clan24 dager siden
    • His forehead is a great asset too

      FNL NerdFNL Nerd25 dager siden
    • The delusion lol slabhead lol

      AmAm25 dager siden
  • So no one gonna talk about all the England diving? Plus 6/7 games home. Booing national anthems. Stopping opponets fans fra entering the country. Using laserpointer to harass keeper. Pathetic arrogant country with pathetic arrogant fans

    Pty 82Pty 8225 dager siden
    • 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Jaye KirbyJaye Kirby24 dager siden
    • Tbf we're not all like that. they're just ignorant dickheads who know nothing about the game. but some of us English that do are more respectful.

      Jack DelaceyJack Delacey24 dager siden
    • Ha ha ha get over it.

      Roger BananaRoger Banana25 dager siden
  • jamie carragher is the best pundit

    souls mischiefsouls mischief25 dager siden
    • @D C and also about football outside of england

      souls mischiefsouls mischief24 dager siden
  • Anyone else find the salt genuinely hilarious?

    RezcuzRezcuz25 dager siden
    • @Steve Scourou exactly. We get so much hate for doing something every other team would do and it's because we beat them ultimately

      FNL NerdFNL Nerd25 dager siden
    • I think it's a mixture of pathetic and hilarious. If it were any other team, domestic/national, no one would care. But as it's England, oh no it cannot be. England have been notoriously unlucky in the past, 2010, 1986, Gazza in 1990 .... So when I see people bemoan the pen yesterday I just say to them - I couldn't give a flying f***. It's about damn time we got the rub of the green.

      Steve ScourouSteve Scourou25 dager siden
  • No more hate towards uefa from the brits after their hitman referee granted england a euro final😂

    makavelimakaveli25 dager siden
    • @Pricey Maguires yellow, Their free kick which was as softy as the pen call. Ref was terrible. But people will only see what they want to see.

      Tobias SykesTobias Sykes25 dager siden
    • Really? The ref was awful, missed a handful of calls, one for a clear penalty, then gave a soft pen afterwards.

      PriceyPricey25 dager siden
  • Its diving home😂

    makavelimakaveli25 dager siden
  • Who's this chick from sky sports?

    Brentford BeesBrentford Bees25 dager siden
  • Denmark were laughing after they earned a silly penalty against us in the Nations League. They ain't laughing now!

    Tom BartramTom Bartram25 dager siden
    • Bottled it on home soil😂 we are all laughing

      CheesyChicken4LiFeCheesyChicken4LiFe21 dag siden
    • And maybe we won't be laughing if Italy do the same to us.. .what comes around....

      Sheila KirwanSheila Kirwan24 dager siden
    • @D C yes

      fUNNY 4567fUNNY 456724 dager siden
  • giiiiiiiiiiiiirmany

    geznicksgeznicks25 dager siden
  • Think I'll have chips for tea with the amount of salt going round

    James M. DuffyJames M. Duffy25 dager siden
    • It's going to Rome!🤣

      BendoonandphilmccavityBendoonandphilmccavity21 dag siden
    • @Tedi yep, in footballing terms Matt Le Tissier, Graeme La Saux and Kieran Trippier spring to mind. But apparently I've got to support the country my grandparents come from that I've visited twice in my entire life... Throw in Saka, Sancho, etc

      James M. DuffyJames M. Duffy23 dager siden
    • @Bendoonandphilmccavity won't lie, I root for the Irish team to do well but having been there twice in my life I can't exactly call myself an Irishman.

      James M. DuffyJames M. Duffy23 dager siden
    • @Bendoonandphilmccavity as english as half the squad mate, Kane, Maguire, Pickford, Rice, Grealish etc

      James M. DuffyJames M. Duffy23 dager siden
    • @mathew duffy big ups bro

      James M. DuffyJames M. Duffy23 dager siden
  • Please use henderson instead of rice, rice will get overrun by the very good Italian midfielders

    Mohammed TahidMohammed Tahid25 dager siden
  • "Where the bloke, love? Where's the bloke?" - Harry Enfield

    Freedom ChannelFreedom Channel25 dager siden
    • "Two sugars, darlin'" - Paul Whitehouse

      Thomas DaviesThomas Davies24 dager siden
  • You've got to love the hypocrisy of some. When PSG dived against Liverpool, Carragher called it embarrassing and he had no idea how they could face their families after the game. But today, after Sterlings dive, he called Sterling streetwise for diving..

    Cesar DelgadoCesar Delgado25 dager siden
    • The lat time England played Italy a similar penalty was give. No body complained. Why complain now

      lamar sharpbosslamar sharpboss24 dager siden
    • @Cesar Delgado Yes it's terrible this new invention of the English called diving. I'm really scared that other teams will start adopting these new methods. It could lead to Italians diving for the very first time in human history. It could even spread to South America. Could you imagine a Latin player diving? It would ruin football forever and possibly lead to the end of the world. Where are my pearls I need to clutch them.

      Ed MannEd Mann24 dager siden
    • Excellent point and it tarnishes the game and sends a terrible message..it will continue until people understand that one never actually gets away with anything in time....

      Sheila KirwanSheila Kirwan24 dager siden
    • @Cesar Delgado not even English people like carra. CALM DOWN LAD

      Pele TVPele TV24 dager siden
    • @Cesar Delgado Cry even more. We taught you well.

      Andrew BarkAndrew Bark24 dager siden
  • It really would not hurt for English fans to learn some manners. Disrespeting national anthems, pointing lasers to goalkeepers etc etc etc. Unfortunately this behauviour goes beyond Football. Is it beyond England to start behaving like bulk of the other nations do. Disgusting and FIFA should have them play for empty stadiums until further notice. A for "Sterling diving club" well that another thing and how does not VAR systems get rid off these primadonnas is another joke.

    Jacce xxJacce xx25 dager siden
    • @K B I did actually watch many of those games you refered. None are good things. Also it is 2021 and we have systems in place to prevent such crap. As for manners well you are unfortunately famous for such things for longtime. That is your own doing and you keep that up.

      Jacce xxJacce xx24 dager siden
    • @Jacce xx When Maradona scored a goal with his hand, where were you? When Henry controlled the ball with his hand twice before scoring, where were you? When Rivaldo when down holding his face after the ball hit his knee, where were you? When Diego Simeone when down like Beckham had chopped his leg with a meat cleaver, where were you? When the Bulgarian's where chanting monkey sounds at black players, where were you? What about Klinesmann diving at every opportunity during 1990 World Cup? Ronaldo getting Rooney his own team mate sent off and winking at the tv cameras? Look up what Mario Balotelli said about the abuse black players get in Italy. The volatile Turkish supporters or the Dutch or Russian. What about Nyemar going to ground every game and acting like someone has tried to murder him. I could go on and on about this stuff. England is THE most tolerant country in Europe. They also play the fairest. So in conclusion. Put a sock in it and stop embarrassing yourself.

      K BK B24 dager siden
    • @K B Among other things you keep doing. Respect in England seems quite flexible? If you proud of your actions than it kind of proves my point

      Jacce xxJacce xx25 dager siden
    • @K B I give you that your hooligan behauviour have decreased. Other than that would not say much of improvement has been made

      Jacce xxJacce xx25 dager siden
    • @J Robs Nothing to cry. Only facts

      Jacce xxJacce xx25 dager siden
  • Maguire the best central defender in the world 🌎

    House of ScofiedHouse of Scofied25 dager siden
  • I cared more about my club than my country,that says it all about the old generation of English player's, shocking,this England team cares it's great to watch

    foxy187foxy18725 dager siden
    • @foxy187 thats telling why Steven Gerrard always underperformed in england shirt.

      Haru KrentzHaru Krentz24 dager siden
    • Can you imagine this team going out drinking during the tournament, fans think it’s funny when Gazza tells those stories but I don’t

      PROUD_BRITPROUD_BRIT25 dager siden
    • @Richard A exactly not worthy of wearing the shirt

      foxy187foxy18725 dager siden
    • @foxy187 absolutely ridiculous why bother accepting the caps then?

      Richard ARichard A25 dager siden
    • @Richard A carragher and Neville both said it, should be ashamed

      foxy187foxy18725 dager siden
  • “Italy and JME”

    Ankit SimkhadaAnkit Simkhada25 dager siden
  • Raheem Sterling best player by a long mile?? How bias can you get Jamie? His success rate might be 2/10 attempts

    MrBiaklianMrBiaklian25 dager siden
    • @Jaime Vazquez Well that means he's wasted the most goal scoring opportunities

      MrBiaklianMrBiaklian23 dager siden
    • Sterling has been influential in the team.

      lamar sharpbosslamar sharpboss24 dager siden
    • U need to check stats real stats before u talk.....UEFA says tht sterling has had the most shot on target of any attacker in these euros and has had the most impact of any player with regards to his team and the tournament overall....DNT believe me .....reading is fundamental and research is informational ......and hate is evil

      Jaime VazquezJaime Vazquez24 dager siden
  • It’s coming home ! The ashes is coming home!!

    DMA HarryDMA Harry25 dager siden
    • @15mins Its coming Rome

      Mario LisaMario Lisa24 dager siden
    • It's diving home !

      15mins15mins25 dager siden
  • 1-0 Italy and England will not make any subs xD

    Sam DaviesSam Davies25 dager siden
  • Bring on Sunday

    AndrewAndrew25 dager siden
  • One of the thing England has to understand that every player playing on the pitch are their players. They should forget that which club they support. It is only about England

    Nikhil KumarNikhil Kumar25 dager siden
  • Grealish in for Saka. And put him on the left with Sterling on the right. YES PLEASE

    mickbannermickbanner25 dager siden
    • @Mohammed I honestly don't think you're correct. Phillips works his ass off. But lays it off to Mount and goes no further. Need Henderson that can play the pass or bring it forward

      mickbannermickbanner23 dager siden
    • @mickbanner Phillips is box to box. If you watch him he actually presses from the front a lot more than you realise. Therefore it’s not two DMs

      MohammedMohammed24 dager siden
    • @Mohammed thats why we're playing 2 defensive midfielders in Phillips/Rice. The front of the 3 needs to be more attack minded and Grealish still works his ass off

      mickbannermickbanner25 dager siden
    • @mickbanner Grealish doesn’t help out enough defensively compared to Mount

      MohammedMohammed25 dager siden
    • @Chris Alpe if keeping same set up then Grealish for Mount and Sancho for Saka

      mickbannermickbanner25 dager siden
  • Too much weight on Sterling to attack. He's a good runner but often runs himself into a dead end that goes nowhere. Seems to have no support and little to no movement of other players around him to make attacking moves up front, so we end up depending on set pieces too much. If we adopt this strategy against Italy they'll easily block any attack and score quick off the counter. Unless we get a header from a corner kick. As much as I want England to win, they're bloody dull to watch for their lack of attacking creativity in open play. Still I think England have honed their diving skills so it'll be competitive in that sense on Sunday against the queens of diving par excellence.

    Michael EdwardsMichael Edwards25 dager siden
  • Anything is possible in a final

    ADEADE25 dager siden
    • Anything except England winning 😂

      CheesyChicken4LiFeCheesyChicken4LiFe21 dag siden
  • It's diving home!!!

    hestanzalashestanzalas25 dager siden
  • All these haters hating on England 😂 pathetic.

    LT RACINGLT RACING25 dager siden
    • @Roger Banana No, English. Why?

      BendoonandphilmccavityBendoonandphilmccavity24 dager siden
    • @Bendoonandphilmccavity Scots are ya?

      Roger BananaRoger Banana25 dager siden
    • @Roger Banana Er...yes!

      BendoonandphilmccavityBendoonandphilmccavity25 dager siden
    • @Cool Dude But it is😂

      BendoonandphilmccavityBendoonandphilmccavity25 dager siden
    • Er...no!

      Roger BananaRoger Banana25 dager siden
  • I think Italy will win. They midfield is class. They're well balanced team.

    Brian PedronBrian Pedron25 dager siden
  • Foreign player dives/cheats "absolute disgrace the sport" English player does it "so clever to do that"

    M H94M H9425 dager siden
    • Other nations have been cheating for years to England's detriment.

      K BK B25 dager siden
  • Absolute disgrace, diving ,and scummy fans shining lazer pens in kaspers eyes,so from the players to the fans ,Absolute filth, Italy will win 🏆

    R0BERT☘R0BERT☘25 dager siden
    • Justice was done ,the world can rest easy tonite

      R0BERT☘R0BERT☘21 dag siden
    • @Jacce xx or simply upset that England is in the finals boo boo 😢😭

      Nooo NameNooo Name22 dager siden
    • @R0BERT 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Jaye KirbyJaye Kirby24 dager siden
    • @bobby dukes what did he actually was wrong about?

      Jacce xxJacce xx25 dager siden
    • @Nooo Name .. or simply stating facts?

      Jacce xxJacce xx25 dager siden