"I think it'll go to penalties!" | Jamie Carragher previews England vs Germany | Euros Podcast

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Jamie Carragher spoke on the Sky Sports Football Euros Podcast, your home of the best debate, discussion and analysis throughout the tournament. Head to skysports.com/podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts to listen and subscribe to the show.

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    all our work channelall our work channel19 dager siden
  • England now has to make the final, they face Ukraine and then either Denmark without eriksen or Czech Republic. It’s literally the freest path ever to the final

    João BritoJoão BritoMåned siden
  • Boy was he wrong

    Rhino RiockenRhino RiockenMåned siden
  • It’s coming home

    Tuku WatchdogTuku WatchdogMåned siden
  • Saka off, Jack Grealish on, no Marcus Ratchford, despite BBC commentators demanding his appearance. Don’t go woke, don’t go broke.

    Jim CourtJim CourtMåned siden
  • I'm worried about Muller because he can really rise to the occasion

    JM763cbdhJM763cbdhMåned siden
    • You shouldn't have been worried

      dendenndendennMåned siden
  • No one cares what this scouse t*** has to say

    Kieron S-ChambersKieron S-ChambersMåned siden
  • no pens plz

    Aaron TAaron TMåned siden
  • safe hands Gareth will see the players all wear their seatbelts on the bus that he's going to try and park... and if he has to drive it forward it will be in first gear with the handbreak on..

    john alexanderjohn alexanderMåned siden
  • If only England plays saka and sancho then they have a chance

    EutopeanEutopeanMåned siden
  • Got a draw in 90 mins all over it…after last nights goal feast non of these teams will want it go like that

    cousin leighcousin leighMåned siden
  • England: We're going to win this one.. Germany: Hold my Sauerkraut...

    Michael MeierMichael MeierMåned siden
    • hold your own beer mate haha

      MGMGMåned siden
  • The defence has to be on it against a Germany team as we saw it against Germany. This guy asking the questions is lost looool

    Chris AlexanderChris AlexanderMåned siden
  • sad sad y england banning practice session at Wembley all of a sudden dirty trick

    Ekon PatzEkon PatzMåned siden
    • @Ekon Patz if the game was being played in Munich and the teams weren't allowed to train on the pitch, it was also be a UEFA decision, because UEFA are in charge of the Allianz Arena for the tournament, not the German FA. In the same way UEFA are in charge of Wembley for the tournament, not the English FA Germany played all their group games at home, if England hadn't won their group they wouldn't have played their last 16 game at Wembley.

      Ethan DaltonEthan DaltonMåned siden
    • wat if German did da same in munich ,dirty game from fa to uefa y did england got three Wembley match,y not in Munich then corrupt uefa

      Ekon PatzEkon PatzMåned siden
    • It was UEFAs decision. Neither team has been allowed to train there

      Ethan DaltonEthan DaltonMåned siden
  • How can Jamie Carragher comment on Germany, when he hasn't watched all their Euro games so far? It will go to penalties is the equivalent of saying, I haven't a clue. Germany are going to beat England. There, how easy was that?

    Anthony MonaghanAnthony MonaghanMåned siden
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    • Much appreciated I will text him as soon as I can.

      Ruth WilliamRuth WilliamMåned siden
  • “I’ll think it’ll go to penalties” he said it did and Swiss won cause of mbappe 🤣🤣🤣the scenes

    Jarosan GJarosan GMåned siden
  • Who is the mighty mouse ??

    Ramona RingelRamona RingelMåned siden
  • It's weird how I completely forgot about Carra's existence during this Euro summer fest.

    Keep EatingKeep EatingMåned siden
  • When's the last time England won a Tournament match as the underdog? It's a role that doesn't suit us.

    Sasquatch10Sasquatch10Måned siden
  • tris Dixon got Botox

    T LogsT LogsMåned siden
  • Hey ! indian fans there. also watch this content how indian football changed (history) @

    Pratik PoojaryPratik PoojaryMåned siden
  • The difference between why Germany will win and England will lose...When Low was asked what he thought the outcome will be, he replied "It will be a tough game, but if we play to the standard we are capable of of playing, I feel we will win it by the odd goal."...When Southgate was asked, all he could talk about was how they practiced penalties and how he hoped it it came to it, it went in England's favor this time....?....I take it he does not think England can win it in normal playing time them and would rather rely on a penalty shoot-out...Lost before they have even kicked a ball.

    Neo Varley DownesNeo Varley DownesMåned siden
  • Have sneaky feeling England may win it 1-0!! But will be a fierce contest for sure

    Hunter__254 WakandaHunter__254 WakandaMåned siden
  • Gerrrrrrmany

    There is No TryThere is No TryMåned siden
  • Pickford Walker Stones Maguire Trippier Rice Phillips Shaw Sterling (Grealish or Foden) Kane Wingbacks cause England struggled with Scotland, and Gosens/Kimmich destroyed Portugal. I'd have wanted to start Sancho (the Germans would really fear him for obvious reasons), but I think playing a "straight" 3-4-3 might mean we get completely starved of the ball, so I'd play one number ten (Grealish or Foden) and a quick winger. Seeing as Sterling has scored both goals, he can't be dropped. I might consider starting Henderson cause Rice and Philipps lack experience and will be up against Kroos and Gundogan. Having said that, they did fine against Modric, Kovacic and Brozovic

    Young StarsYoung StarsMåned siden
  • why England cant ever won trophies for so many years? Germany

    si_claysi_clayMåned siden
    • Euro 96 Germany jammy

      Matthew DoyleMatthew DoyleMåned siden
  • 2:50 Why England need to adapt? On Friday, we struggled to deal with Scotland's wingbacks. The next day, Gosens and Kimmich ran riot against Portugal, who are very strong on both flanks. Not saying the back three is England's only hope, but it's very easy to see Kimmich and Gosens producing a similar performance if England go 4-2-3-1 Also, at the last EUROS, when Germany played Italy, they went to a 3-4-3/3-5-2 as well, even though they were CLEARLY the favourites

    Young StarsYoung StarsMåned siden
  • It’s coming home

    S.S.Måned siden
  • Peter Smith; pure charisma

    Zoltan FriendlyZoltan FriendlyMåned siden
  • 1:10 what?😂

    BobbyBobbyMåned siden
  • Love.listening to.thid muppet.who is the worse him or Neville.

    Rory BrennanRory BrennanMåned siden
  • geeeeeeeyyyyymany

    Dean LanganDean LanganMåned siden
  • “It’ll go to penalties” 😂😂😂

    DdexXDdexXMåned siden
  • England need to be fast and direct to hurt Germany... we play the slowest football at this tournament! 🤦‍♂️

    C KOTHC KOTHMåned siden
  • Mon the Germany.

    Kieran MassonKieran MassonMåned siden
  • Don’t put me Through penalties, please

    IronhawkIronhawkMåned siden
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  • England are the better side in terms of players, however we are still england so that's that

    Nathan ClarkNathan ClarkMåned siden
    • wrong

      X PlaysX PlaysMåned siden
    • Its highly debateble If England has better Players than germany

      VALARVALARMåned siden
  • England 3-1 trust me I'm never wrong Come back to this comment

    Im FriendlyIm FriendlyMåned siden
  • I appreciate this analysis. Most other English pundits are just otherwise pushing the British hype train. Germany has some defensive holes for sure, but if they play like they did against Portugal, England will struggle to have an impact. Germany has already played at least two semis or two finals in their group F matches.

    Big WaveBig WaveMåned siden
    • exactly y ban practice sessions at wembley

      Ekon PatzEkon PatzMåned siden
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  • Trippier will start to defend agianst the German wingers and Wing backs

    Jack WakefieldJack WakefieldMåned siden
  • Good job interviewing, good podcasts sky sports

    H RH RMåned siden
  • England wins 1-0

    Brian O'GormanBrian O'GormanMåned siden
  • it's hilarious when scousers say germany or germans

    Eric CartmanEric CartmanMåned siden
  • 3-1 to Germany!?! I think that's likely!

    BobbyBobbyMåned siden
    • hmmm

      dut dut 2.0dut dut 2.0Måned siden
  • Good interviewer. Asks good quality questions and seems to have a good understanding of what his audience wants to hear. Keep it up lad.

    O'Neil BlakeO'Neil BlakeMåned siden
  • 10:55 Spot on. The directness and fearlessness in Saka’s runs is why he has to play- whether it’s as a starter or a sub. Sancho could get the nod, because he has experience playing against a lot of the players and has barely featured.

    Realist GoonerRealist GoonerMåned siden
  • No matter how weak Germany seem to be, but when it comes down to a shoot out, they have a sterner psyche, we will blow it if we buckle as usual

    Sam DefrondSam DefrondMåned siden
  • The only way to play this day and age is 4-3-3 NO other setup will see you till the end of the tournament, and as for having a change against the Germans NO way

    Jan LievensJan LievensMåned siden
  • Noooooo

    Joe WedgJoe WedgMåned siden
  • For any Germans or other Europeans here who think the English are arrogant, I can assure you that every normal English fan has absolutely no hope 😂

    JENKOJENKOMåned siden
    • @Commando44 oh god 100%

      Lewis DolanLewis DolanMåned siden
    • The Germans are way more arrogant than we are.

      Commando44Commando44Måned siden
  • people say back 3, but it means back 5 bus

    JinzoJinzoMåned siden
  • Germany will be kissin England's butt :P

    Greenpoloboy3Greenpoloboy3Måned siden
  • put 10 man behind the ball and 9/10 times it will go to pens

    Dino SpumoniDino SpumoniMåned siden
    • 9/10 England lose against Germany

      JinzoJinzoMåned siden
  • This was almost as boring as watching England.

    Garry JamesGarry JamesMåned siden
    • Nothing is as boring as watching England!

      EdEdMåned siden
  • Even the Weakiest Germany side will still pump England tomorrow night and dont let me tell you "Told you so" tomorrow night when England are out of another competition yet again and the song "Its coming home" is silenced

    Alastair BellAlastair BellMåned siden
    • @Brennan Read When England get knocked out AND THEY WILL at least they can say they got further than Scotland if you call that a honourable comparison 😂😂 on to the Nxt team to suppprt that will send England home 😉

      Alastair BellAlastair BellMåned siden
    • @Alastair Bell hahahaha 2-0 aint lucky on the night cry some more just full of exuses

      Brennan ReadBrennan ReadMåned siden
    • @Brennan Read Nope I truly believe Germany are the better team England were lucky on the night but Englands luck will run out

      Alastair BellAlastair BellMåned siden
    • @Alastair Bell bet your feeling stupid now 😂😂😂😂 england knocking out germany... go and get some tissues for ur tears

      Brennan ReadBrennan ReadMåned siden
    • @Alastair Bell you sound like a very bitter man both england and germany have good teams, your just talking nonsense

      Brennan ReadBrennan ReadMåned siden
  • If Germany score first then Germany will win, if England score first then it will go to penaltys and Germany will win 😒

    BenZaAspBenZaAspMåned siden
    • @Michael M I know I'm so happy I was wrong ☺️

      BenZaAspBenZaAspMåned siden
    • Or we'll score first and then score again...

      Michael MMichael MMåned siden
    • @Samiran Mahanta let's hope so mate 🙏

      BenZaAspBenZaAspMåned siden
    • Then theres England scoring the second and progressing to the quarters!!! You said it!!!🤣🤣🤣

      Samiran MahantaSamiran MahantaMåned siden
  • They’ve been crap the last few tournaments. It depends who wants it more and I think England will come through 3-1 quite convincing

    Ellis JamesEllis JamesMåned siden
  • Hoping England lose so we can get rid of Southgate.

    Primarch VulkanPrimarch VulkanMåned siden
    • It doesn't matter who manages England, they're always really dull (apart from when Venables was in charge).

      EdEdMåned siden
  • A 15-minute interview where the answer to every question was “it will be interesting to see”.

    Andy MerryweatherAndy MerryweatherMåned siden
  • I really don’t want us to play germany, however if we win that could change our history in tournaments to come

    Fabian F.Fabian F.Måned siden
    • @Fabian F. I bet England is now on🔥 Celebrate properly this is a historic moment for England

      roccobln10roccobln10Måned siden
    • @roccobln10 thanks man true sportsmanship’s, it’s finally done

      Fabian F.Fabian F.Måned siden
    • @Fabian F. Gratulation you done it curse is over. Greetings from Germany

      roccobln10roccobln10Måned siden
    • @roccobln10 i am 28, you know what pain I have been through supporting my nation in these competitions. We need to win this game, we might not go on and win the tournament, but our tournaments in the future will thrive again and our curse will be gone.

      Fabian F.Fabian F.Måned siden
    • @Fabian F. true it can give England a push when they win. Maybe enough to win the tournament. But your all to negative thinking, when your players believe also like this, they have already lost.

      roccobln10roccobln10Måned siden
  • I think we're going to win. I feel it in my water. Good luck Declan - COYI!

    Paul HPaul HMåned siden
    • @Aidan Gill fair enough, im not a West Ham fan to be fair so all I've got to go by is England games but we've been poor overall anyway so far

      WWMåned siden
    • @W because he’s played as a cdm and told to stay back which isn’t natural for him, his true potential isn’t being shown due to Southgate (same can be said about other played)

      Aidan GillAidan GillMåned siden
    • Rice is so frustrating to watch, slow and just passes backwards and sideways

      WWMåned siden
  • We need to treat this game the way Scotland treated the game against england. Come out and get ready to fight for every ball.

    Some dudeSome dudeMåned siden
  • They have the team to do it....and the right players LETS GO !!!

  • 1-1, then Germany win on penalties. Hope not but that's my prediction.

    Vincent McbrideVincent McbrideMåned siden
    • @Jinzo you mean realistic.

      Vincent McbrideVincent McbrideMåned siden
    • Where have I seen this before? 🤯

      Realist GoonerRealist GoonerMåned siden
    • very creative prediction

      JinzoJinzoMåned siden
  • Now wales are out I'm backing englad to win this tournament!!!

    • @Commando44 welsh is my first language then english.England can pull this off !!!!

      RAW #VIZIONRAW #VIZIONMåned siden
    • @RAW #VIZION That’s good I’m an England fan but I was supporting Wales as well.

      Commando44Commando44Måned siden
    • @Commando44 REPING BOTH SIDES STRONGLY !!!!

      RAW #VIZIONRAW #VIZIONMåned siden
    • @Commando44 ye I'm half Welsh half english so how could I not suport englad

      RAW #VIZIONRAW #VIZIONMåned siden
    • @RAW #VIZION Well atleast you aren’t like some other welsh who are supporting Germany lol

      Commando44Commando44Måned siden
  • Lol..penalties 😂..England need to go out & attack attack & not play the boring defensive football..but germany are too good & will smash england in 90mins

    Z AliZ AliMåned siden
  • Germany score in one game double the goals that England have in three games, and the Janie C says it will go to penalties……………freakin moron.

    Apollyon 1975Apollyon 1975Måned siden
  • Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one gets to heaven except through Him. Repent before It’s too Late. It’s your choice heaven or hell change your ways and turn to Him !!!

    Rice and beansRice and beansMåned siden
    • If England win it will be heavenly. Lose to Germany again and it will be hell. Please could you have a word with your mate Jesus and get him to work his magic on Mr Southgate and get him to play Grealish and Sancho.

      MasklessMasklessMåned siden
  • How can you predict penalties? That just makes no sense to me

    Ben JoshBen JoshMåned siden
    • 0-0, 1-1, etc. It's quite simple.

      EdEdMåned siden
    • @Ben Josh You can predict it to finish 8-7 if you like too. A prediction is what you think will happen not what’s likely.

      East LondonEast LondonMåned siden
    • @TomUnited obviously, but the chances are very unlikely that a game will go to pens. The statement “I think it will go to pens” makes it seem like he thinks it’s a likely outcome

      Ben JoshBen JoshMåned siden
    • Well games do end up in draws you know

      TomUnitedTomUnitedMåned siden
  • Media hype has toned down since the Germany draw. Funny init....

    Time is On the EssenceTime is On the EssenceMåned siden
    • You’re not wrong. The pundits have had experiences vs Germany. So they’ve had to tone it down.

      Realist GoonerRealist GoonerMåned siden
  • I think it will end in tears, just like every time.

    gaurav sarkargaurav sarkarMåned siden
    • @roccobln10 ‘Realistic’ England Fans

      Muhammad EyssaMuhammad EyssaMåned siden
    • @Muhammad Eyssa I hope! Say it your pessimistic English fans

      roccobln10roccobln10Måned siden
    • @roccobln10 You’re gonna batter us mate. We shouldn’t be getting our hopes up.

      Muhammad EyssaMuhammad EyssaMåned siden
    • tears for germany

      Ur MumUr MumMåned siden
    • Bro head up, when your players think like this you will lose. Do you want that your players think like that? When not stop think yourself like this. In Germany we have a word "Kampfgeist" in english you would say like "fighting Spirit". It means think positive and fight til end even when it's hard and hopeless. I want see tomorrow a nice Game with two hard fighting teams and may the best win. Greetings from Germany

      roccobln10roccobln10Måned siden
  • Feels like I haven’t heard from carra for ages

    J DJ DMåned siden
  • 7 defenders?? Pratgate is a muppet

    Connor McleodConnor McleodMåned siden
    • Got us through the group with 7 points and no goals conceded BTW

      Ethan DaltonEthan DaltonMåned siden
    • @csbd csbd ps add Henderson that makes 8

      Connor McleodConnor McleodMåned siden
    • @csbd csbd 5 at the back with 2 dms

      Connor McleodConnor McleodMåned siden
    • Explain?

      csbd csbdcsbd csbdMåned siden
  • I don't know who will win, but I am already so hyped for this match.

    Daniel CarrDaniel CarrMåned siden
    • I think it'll be a boring match, tbh. Nothing like Euro '96.

      EdEdMåned siden
  • England have a solid 10% chance of winning

    Sam InstrumentalsSam InstrumentalsMåned siden
    • @T.J.G being a moron isn’t a result of chance, I thought you’d know that.

      Sam InstrumentalsSam InstrumentalsMåned siden
    • 85% of statistics are wrong

      Graham AndersonGraham AndersonMåned siden
    • You have a solid 100% chance of being a total moron

      T.J.GT.J.GMåned siden
  • After Scotland match I don't think England can beat beat a brilliant German side. Though it would be wonderful thing to watch

    sajid iqbalsajid iqbalMåned siden
  • England 1- 0 Germany

    shubham singhshubham singhMåned siden
  • England fans are to nervous going into this. It's so funny to watch.

    Claude MakeleleClaude MakeleleMåned siden
    • I am certain England are going to win see you here when we do

      Causing er RuckusCausing er RuckusMåned siden
    • You call yourself Claude Makelele but use a picture of Frank Lampard ??? What a mistake to make. 🤣🤣🤣

      MasklessMasklessMåned siden
    • you not nervous then, thought that was normal supporting your national team in a tough game.

      Alex HarriottAlex HarriottMåned siden
    • Chelsea fans then?

      Jack MJack MMåned siden
  • The fact is it doesn't matter the quality of the German team because they always find a way to win/get through

    Paarth AgarwalPaarth AgarwalMåned siden
    • @Jay Teams are going to have the one-off tournament where everything goes wrong. Germany though still find a way recover quickly after these

      Paarth AgarwalPaarth AgarwalMåned siden
    • Just like during the last World Cup?

      JayJayMåned siden
  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔥🔥🔥

    Gembala JalananGembala JalananMåned siden
  • Whatever happens England will never win coming from English fan but if we win great news.any way we won't be in final. That's for sure 💯

    Charliechaplin Silent moviesCharliechaplin Silent moviesMåned siden
    • I'm sure winner from this game is in final I mean Czech or Sweden in semi Final. Much easier than other side groups.

      roccobln10roccobln10Måned siden
  • "This Germany team can cause problems, as we saw against Germany" Okay

    3:33am3:33amMåned siden
    • @big stan 🕊️

      3:33am3:33amMåned siden
    • LLJ

      big stanbig stanMåned siden
    • U mean Portugal 🇵🇹

      Ali NjieAli NjieMåned siden
    • Lol

      Time is On the EssenceTime is On the EssenceMåned siden
  • Penalties? Did i hear the word penalties?? Plz Germany/England Sign me I love penalties

    Elcheman PessiElcheman PessiMåned siden
    • @Elcheman Pessi don't worry mbappe missed penalty too

      shubham singhshubham singhMåned siden
    • @shubham singh no 😭😭😭😭😭

      Elcheman PessiElcheman PessiMåned siden
    • But this a knockout match. You will miss penalty again like Copa America final

      shubham singhshubham singhMåned siden
  • Head says Germany wil win, heart says Germany will win.

    Juan ManuJuan ManuMåned siden
    • @Juan Manu lol focus on Switzerland

      dendenndendennMåned siden
    • @dendenn. украина легко обыграет англию. Come on Ukraina !!

      Juan ManuJuan ManuMåned siden
    • @Juan Manu head was wrong, heart was wrong. Well done 👏🏿

      dendenndendennMåned siden
    • @Matt Traitor? I always wanted Spain to win. England players are traitors if anything for dereliction of duty almost every time they play for their country.

      Juan ManuJuan ManuMåned siden
    • Release grealish and Sancho

      Causing er RuckusCausing er RuckusMåned siden
  • 12:11 at least he indirectly realised that English media is hyping up their team too much by downplaying Germany 😁😁

    • @Zues Alrighty 😂😂😂😂where are you my friend, diving merchant

    • @Where's My Jumper exactly. people acting like germany didnt nearly lose o hungary and beat portugal thanks to 2 own goals. england have a breeze of a path to the final, they will face one good team the entire tournament. denmark doenst have their best player, ukraine sucks and czech republic also isnt very good

      João BritoJoão BritoMåned siden
    • @Where's My Jumper boohoo

      Zues AlrightyZues AlrightyMåned siden
    • This is a poor weak Germany, relax the bigger better teams then England are on other side of the group

      Where's My JumperWhere's My JumperMåned siden
    • @Zues Alrighty England will make the final cuz their bracket is probably the freest bracket of all time, wether they win or lose the final depends on who makes it there

      João BritoJoão BritoMåned siden
  • We will beat Germany easily let's get serious

    james caffjames caffMåned siden
    • We germans love it when the English says,they win "easily"! 😁 Germans would never say easy or easily!! I hope your players think the same!!!😉😂

      Landser KorpsLandser KorpsMåned siden
    • Most sensible comment I have read all day. Come on England!!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

      MasklessMasklessMåned siden
    • No.

      Stephen TaylorStephen TaylorMåned siden
  • Germany to win 1-0 .

    Stephen TaylorStephen TaylorMåned siden
  • No way that’s Carra imposter

    RackaRackaMåned siden
  • TF you aren't taking them then

    Kurgan618Kurgan618Måned siden
  • Head says germany will win, heart says England finds a way

    Louis BLouis BMåned siden
    • Clueless he is

      Where's My JumperWhere's My JumperMåned siden
    • Time is On The Essence he sure wasn’t buddy

      dut dut 2.0dut dut 2.0Måned siden
    • @Riquelme Carlos what a performance!

      Louis BLouis BMåned siden
    • my head and my heart says we'll lose on pens...

      Zoo GolfZoo GolfMåned siden
    • Germany have been hit & miss, it's a tough call tbh But I'll go Germany. If it wasnt southgate in charge, I would probably say England though.

      I Accidentaly Paid 11.99 for YT Premium AgainI Accidentaly Paid 11.99 for YT Premium AgainMåned siden
  • Dont think there will be penalties. Germany will play agressively forward to avoid it.

    Mar VinMar VinMåned siden
    • Who want penalties? Who want play 120min? Nobody everybody will win in first 90min. But Germans are not afraid from a penalties, because in Germany we have a cliche: Englishman are bad in penalties, they miss the goal.

      roccobln10roccobln10Måned siden
  • German 2 :0 England

    Shafidhik DhikShafidhik DhikMåned siden
  • Having watched the Ro16 so far, I'd say even Denmark or Czech would knock us out🙄😤🙄

    C JC JMåned siden
    • @Jacob Pickerin Did you see the way they played... I don't know what happens to us when it comes to knock out rounds. Yes, even they would beat us.☹️

      C JC JMåned siden
    • Same Czech team we just beat 😂😂😂

      Jacob PickerinJacob PickerinMåned siden
  • I agree 100% with the comment below....ive watched every tournament that England have played in while I’ve lived in Australia....so many penalty shootouts I think all of them lost by England whether it was against Argentina,Italy or Germany...the one common denominator is we miss penalties.....so we lose..thank you & goodnight

    Michael WhiteMichael WhiteMåned siden
    • Won our last 2 penalty shootouts you moron 😂😂😂

      Jacob PickerinJacob PickerinMåned siden
  • If not harry then the goal will be on goal.. England will be through to next round 💌

    Rujal officialRujal officialMåned siden
  • Is he wearing a Man United t shirt?

    Adam WaltonAdam WaltonMåned siden
  • England 1 German 0. Score by Harry Maguire.💪

    Rujal officialRujal officialMåned siden
    • Own goal by slabhead you mean.

      Apollyon 1975Apollyon 1975Måned siden
    • Maguire will dribble the length of the pitch and score a banger chip.

      Lorenzo O'RourkeLorenzo O'RourkeMåned siden