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  • He will get he's wish

    HS fitnessHS fitness4 timer siden
  • If fab told me LeBron James won the World Cup with Ajax I would believe him

    UTFG 86UTFG 864 timer siden
  • Don Fab, my go to guy for all transfer news, never once has he let me down, hell my group is basically full of Romano tweets 😂

    I'M THE GUV'NORI'M THE GUV'NOR4 timer siden
  • Kane not showing up shows complete disrespect for authority and his team mates yes he wishes to leave but surely turning up to training keeps him fit until a move happens

    simon baldwinsimon baldwin4 timer siden
  • I really like how Romano talks. He doesn't over dramatise anything. Just calm and well spoken and easy to listen to. Darmesh on the other hand is just....weird. Tense and all over the place sometime. And annoying.

    Mukesh DhimarMukesh Dhimar4 timer siden
  • loved that he said white Hart lane

    Spurs SavageSpurs Savage5 timer siden
  • Fine Kane £1,000,000 every day he doesn’t show up

    Dave CookDave Cook5 timer siden
  • No info, just copy paste and tap in The ultimate fraud !!

    Nicolas HerrmannNicolas Herrmann5 timer siden
  • Here we go .. Fabrizio Romano signs sky sports on a 5 year deal 😂♥️

    Pushkar TyagiPushkar Tyagi5 timer siden
  • If he does well we'll praise him if doesn't then he better be ready 🤣

    AKAK5 timer siden
  • Let's cross to our reporter who is our Serie A specialist for an update between two Premier League clubs. Amazing.

    Joe AshJoe Ash5 timer siden
  • Here we go 😏

    Mason GriffithsMason Griffiths5 timer siden

    Jonas LoïcJonas Loïc5 timer siden
  • Missing you already jack x

    deanndeann5 timer siden

    Jonas LoïcJonas Loïc5 timer siden

  • If he’ saying i’m a woman, i would believe him!!!

    Wasan SukjuiWasan Sukjui5 timer siden
  • Fabrizio has made a career fooling people into believing he knows what's going on.

    ant josephant joseph5 timer siden
  • Man said white hart lane😂

    Boomar_42Boomar_425 timer siden
  • doesnt appear grealish is leaving

    LeonLeon5 timer siden
  • I am not believing that this kid is my son until Fabrizio confirms it

    Schoolboy MakhabaSchoolboy Makhaba5 timer siden
  • £50million is a ridiculous fee to pay for a club that's not in Europe and that money could've gone so much further for Arsenal. The winners here are Brighton.

    James BroadJames Broad5 timer siden
  • This seems like a desperate move from sky,the vultures lol

    Guilty PleasureGuilty Pleasure5 timer siden
  • I cant understand a word

    MR LaserDiscoMR LaserDisco5 timer siden
  • has this guy got any eyes?

    RouteOneRouteOne5 timer siden
  • What a man!!

    keelan McCabekeelan McCabe5 timer siden
  • we all love fab

    Aaron TAaron T5 timer siden
  • Looks like Sky was getting tired of being last on every bit of news. Big ups to them for getting Fabrizio on the show🌟

    Teboho MalejoaneTeboho Malejoane5 timer siden
  • yes fabrizio

    Luis WebsterLuis Webster5 timer siden
  • Is this the "boys of 96" reunion?

    MitchMitch5 timer siden
  • Man Utd have been the smartest this transfer window they know they'll get Haalaand next summer look at Chelsea begging for Haalaand Man City struggling to sign Grealish but bit easier now for Kane but still

    S AS A5 timer siden
    • 😂😂😂 He will never go to United mate. Would be a step down from Dortmund to go to United the way that squad is atm

      Jack SandersonJack Sanderson5 timer siden
  • Fabrizio Romano is honestly the best🔥🔥💯 Even sky sports depend on him😂😂

    Zacharia SmithZacharia Smith5 timer siden
  • Did this guy just say White Hart Lane?

    Sher L.Sher L.5 timer siden

    Jonathan vermaJonathan verma5 timer siden
  • *In 2 weeks:* Dharmesh: I have heard from sources that there will be something happening around Kane and Grealish.

    Abhishek KalgutkarAbhishek Kalgutkar5 timer siden
  • cant understand him

    KarlKarl5 timer siden

    Contagious DogeContagious Doge5 timer siden
  • Goldbridge won't be happy he's now on sky haha

    Tom MorganTom Morgan5 timer siden
  • so hello everyone

    IamBigFatManWithAlotOfFoodAndFriendsWithFriendsIamBigFatManWithAlotOfFoodAndFriendsWithFriends5 timer siden
  • Goalkeeper like craig Gordon 😂

    Adam FullAdam Full5 timer siden
  • When Sky are so trash at transfers they hire their rivals…

    StarTomStarTom5 timer siden
  • Who will buy HURRICANE! whos this player were is HARRY KANE!

    DigzyDigzy5 timer siden
  • Mike Dean 🤨 what on earth how is that a yellow to Fred?! Cruelty and cruel punishment to a penalty from a challenge from Ottemendi. Look a little closer next time ⏲️🤓🧐

    Jonathan vermaJonathan verma5 timer siden
  • Another load of ball..ks from fabrizio same old

    stephen lordstephen lord5 timer siden
  • Why is the presenter reading from a Nintendo DS? Also, Manchester United have announced a deal in principal with Varane, so why ask whether the deal is close? It's done...

    Luke BurtonLuke Burton5 timer siden
    • It’s only done when he passes the medical and signs the contract.

      JGM EditingJGM Editing5 timer siden
  • Free harry kane

    A DA D5 timer siden
  • City have shot themselves in the foot paying 100m for grealish. Paying that much for him, why would Levy let him go for less than 150m.

    Lee MaxwellLee Maxwell5 timer siden
    • how have they? he's world class and will win leagues with them

      wiktor wauzchonskiwiktor wauzchonski5 timer siden
  • Yeah hes been saying its been a done deal for ages. Problem is no city players want to move to spurs or Villa and city Aren't paying over 60 million in Cash for either of them

    EpicBilbau82EpicBilbau825 timer siden
  • I didn’t understand a word he said

    martin donatonmartin donaton5 timer siden
  • better sound quality at the united stand than at sky sports, you guys are losing grip, pause

    RobinRobin5 timer siden
  • BS!!! Selling some story only

    anielouis louisanieanielouis louisanie5 timer siden
  • The only guy who can bring sky to ground

    TheCrazyPianistTheCrazyPianist5 timer siden
  • the question is, r they really going to sign both Kane amd Grealish for 200 mil £ ?😳

    Erfan SheikhErfan Sheikh5 timer siden
    • @bmhiscd1 yeah

      Erfan SheikhErfan Sheikh5 timer siden
    • It'll cost more than that if the clubs stick to their valuations

      bmhiscd1bmhiscd15 timer siden
  • The goat 🐐

    Lj llobLj llob5 timer siden
  • The most unlucky player ever Finalist in 2002 world cup (even though he hadn't play because of red card) 2001/02 UCL finalist 2007/08 UCL finalist 2008 Euro Finalist

    emkeey mkemkeey mk5 timer siden
    • Unluckiest

      emkeey mkemkeey mk5 timer siden
  • Sky now getting an interview with @Romano, I pray they don't corrupt him.

    lawani justuslawani justus5 timer siden
  • Presenting dharmesh's "source"

    Parth RuparelParth Ruparel5 timer siden
  • Imagine how the media would kill pogba for not turning up to training trying to force a move.

    lee mlee m5 timer siden
  • Fabrizio Romano is the 🐐

    Rooney8MUFCRooney8MUFC5 timer siden
  • How much they payin him for appearing on they show😂😂😂 Fabrizio the transfer guru🐐🐐

    K I D L U V yung boiK I D L U V yung boi5 timer siden
  • The signal is so bad

    MM5 timer siden
  • Simple solution, add 2million to the asking price every day until he decides to act like a professional again. He signed the contract, he's only got himself to blame.

    Robert KingRobert King5 timer siden
  • Kane looked ancient in the Euros, he drops too deep like Rooney used to

    horny Lorneyhorny Lorney5 timer siden
  • Dharmesh will report this same news in 3 weeks time and say it’s breaking news

    Manutd 20Manutd 205 timer siden
  • See, this is what we want.. Fabrizio gets it.. Simple news finished reporting in few sentences.. These Sky Reports otherwise keep on saying the same things in active and passive voices over and over again.. Also, Dharmesh Sheth is on leave today, so they thought why not bring the man himself, we base all our news on his NOcds channel and twitter feed anyway 🤣🤣🤣

    Vinod NaiduVinod Naidu5 timer siden
  • didnt understand a word

    David AllenDavid Allen5 timer siden
  • Fabrizio yet again reading The Sun and nicking a living off it. How about telling us something we don't know instead of stating the obvious? Pagliaccio

    4737Carlin4737Carlin5 timer siden
  • If he works for CIA or other intelligence there will not be hidden criminal 😅🤣

    AlexanderAlexander5 timer siden
  • Great news

    Mohamed Alpha ShawMohamed Alpha Shaw5 timer siden
  • Greatness

    Mohamed Alpha ShawMohamed Alpha Shaw5 timer siden
  • Finally sky taking the lead bloody hell 😂

    Juliana PeprahJuliana Peprah5 timer siden
  • 4:10 haha champions league winners (Tottenham)

    jason Jordanjason Jordan5 timer siden
  • Why does he say seuro?

    Jordan HurrenJordan Hurren5 timer siden